The Edamame soybeans did not get very far. Out of several hundred seeds planted I have three plants growing and until I see actual seeds in my paws I’m not counting them as a done deal. Chipmunks and perhaps woodchucks made sure to gnaw almost all of them off as soon as they sprouted. The rest of the beans are growing very well, the edible beans have been pretty yummy the past week. As for everything else, growing very well too. We could use a little more rain, but it hasn’t been a drought either. Why we planted so many cucumber plants I’m pretty sure there’s a certain level of insanity involved… So far 50+ quarts of dill pickles - which are very yummy and make good gifts. Guess what I have to do tonight?

Other things of recent note - we’ve been hauling bricks and using those in various ways, but all that time spent hauling stuff cut into my weeding time for the north garden. Weeks later I’ve finally been able to start renovating the north garden to remove the sow thistle and all those weeds. It will likely be a few more weeks yet, but it is coming along. No worries about running out of projects to work on here - I have at least three others waiting once I finish this one and that doesn’t count harvesting and putting goodies up. As usual I’m looking forwards to the dry bean harvest season and the red peppers coming in.