Garden Tasks

We moved the above cedar trees from their nursery area in the spring. We didn’t know the deer would find them during our winter and you can tell they enjoyed them.

Cedar Trees - Apr 19 2017 (835K) cedars

Over the years I’ve found out that while I liked the look of many smaller gardens it ended up being a lot more work to take care of them. Also, I didn’t like how much space was being used up by pathways. Now I have been putting more small gardens back together.

Pathway Removal - Apr 18 2016 (1609K) pathway

Combined Gardens - Apr 27 2016 (1148K) combined

When I was working on the north garden diversion and water catch another reason I had to clean up that edge was because the horsetail was running under the black plastic barrier and then coming back out again. The distance in the last horsetail picture is about 7m wide by 2-3m tall. I actually like the plant, I just don’t want it in the gardens. The roots can run quite a ways without ever surfacing and it doesn’t take that much at all of a fragment to start another plant growing. At first I was trying to remove it carefully, but after a few years it had spread to cover almost half the garden and so I ended up digging it out by double digging the whole space. Still some remains here or there.

Diversion - Nov 20 2011 (1303K) diversion

Horsetail Segments - Nov 20 2011 (1358K) horsetail

Horsetail - Aug 2 2010 (1388K) horsetail

Horsetail - Nov 20 2011 (1097K) horsetail