Giggle Thyme


The name of the picture above is a pun because we call the decorated cement Giggleballs and with the thyme growing around it…

A repurposed old ironing board becomes a lady in a dress named Delila.

Delila - Jul 11 2017 (1211K) lady

These were fun to build.

Garden Gate - May 17 2013 (1182K) gate

As she really likes to work with the beach stones and sort them by shape and color this came together rather well.

Rock Pie - May 6 2013 (1213K) rockpie

Cement and rocks are some of our favorite toys. I wish they were lighter…

Wishing Well - Apr 1 2012 (1437K) wishingwell

The swing we hardly ever actually sit in.

Swing - Apr 1 2012 (1727K) swing

We’re a bit of a ways away from navigable water, but like I’ve said before, cement and rocks…

Lighthouse - Jun 2 2009 (1208K) lighthouse

If you’ve looked at the water project page you’ve seen this next picture, but it is also the best picture that I have of the lighthouse.

Lighthouse - Jul 10 2016 (1404K) lighthouse